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K-9 Rudi – England(Badge On My Collar)

Dave never had a dog growing up, but he wanted one. His first few pets as he got older turned out to be renegades and vagabonds that no matter how hard he tried to discipline behaved as they wished. This odd assortment of strong-willed canine hobos, previously rejected by society, discouraged him from thinking he could ever possess an obedient dog.

It is hard to say why he objected so strongly to it, but every chance that he got, he demonstrated his aversion to the dastardly fixture. When travelling at a high rate of speed with the typical English blue light flashing atop the van, Rudi felt compelled to work on the light’s wiring to the point of disabling the flashing warning light. No amount of camouflage to hide the wiring fooled him. As the European two-tone horns blared loudly on the way to a crime scene, Rudi heard the light’s constant whirring noise above his head on the roof of the police van. He then immediately started to work to dismantle the wires. Rudi had learned that with a quick bite through the thick bundle of connecting wires, he could instantly extinguish the light and silence the annoying whirring noise, and he became quite smug after satisfactorily completing his mission.

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