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  • Model: TE63#1026 Training set - Jute tugs (3 items) TE23, TE252, TE11

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Training Set Of Bite Tugs For Labrador

Would you like to bring up well-trained Labrador? So if you are a happy owner of Labrador puppy then it is high time you started training him. With this set which includes 3 jute bite tugs and 1 rubber ball, which you will get as a gift, you will develop healthy prey drive. This set will make every training more enjoyable and exciting both for you and your dog.

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  • Training Jute Labrador Bite Tugs Jute Labrador Bite Tug For Training Double Stitched
  • Training Jute Dog Bite Tugs For Labrador Training Jute Dog Bite Tug For Labrador With Handles

Key features of these Labrador Bite Tugs:

  • Made of jute
  • Stitched
  • Properly stuffed
  • Equipped with a handle
  • Dog safe materials

Intended use of these Labrador Bite Tugs:

  • Developing healthy prey drive
  • Dog bite training
  • Retrieve item

Sizes available:

  • Width - 1 3/4 (4 cm), length - 12 inch (30 cm)
  • Width - 2 1/3 inch (6 cm), length - 12 inch (30 cm)
  • Width - 4 inch (10 cm), length - 24 inch (60 cm)


  • Jute

Our experts select eco-friendly materials to create these bite tugs. Each item is properly stitched and stuffed with non-toxic, soft material. We can ensure you that bite tugs are safe for the dog`s health, will not cause allergy or different diseases. What is more these training tools have no unpleasant smell.

Each bite tug has two or one handle which are manually stitched to the items. Training with these bite tugs will be enjoyable not only for a dog, but for his handler as well. You will not be tired after long training.

These bite tags are practical not only in use but also in cleaning. You can put it in a washer and add simple washing powder.

This training set includes following items:

1. This jute pocket toy has dimensions of the kind - width 1 3/4 (4 cm), length - 12 inch (30 cm). It costs $ 8.25. For more details click here.

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Jute Labrador bite tug for puppies

Multimode Jute Labrador Tug

2. This bite tug with two handles is 2 1/3 (6cm) wide and 12 inch (30 cm) long. Its price is $12.59. More details on this tool can be found here.

 Stitched Jute Bite Tug For Labrador

Jute Labrador Bite Tug With Two Handles

3. This jute rag for having more fun with your dog. It is 24 inch (60 cm) long and 4 inch (10 cm) wide. Price is $ 15.29. More details on this page.

Multifunctional jute bite rag for Labrador

Comfortable Labrador long bite rug

Buying this set you get extra bonus - it is this amazing colorful dog training ball which value is $5.9 and you don't pay a cent for it. More details on this item are here.

Rubber bite ball for Labrador

Hypoallergic Labrador training ball

As you see you are offered to save $6.23 if buying this set and get free training ball which value is $5.9. Total saving is $12.13.

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